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Portrayed by Richard Howland

Trick is a local light Fae elder and the owner of the bar Dal Riata. He has the ability to make anything he writes in his blood come true but his power has unintended consequences. Trick is the father of Aife and grandfather of Bo.

Trick was married to a woman named Isabeau who was killed during the great fae war trying to forge a peace between the light and dark fae. After her death Trick wrote in his book of blood a truce between the light and dark fae known as the blood laws.

Aife broke her father laws by leading a light fae rebellion to avenge her mother death and killed a dark fae elder. Trick in order to keep the peace handed his daughter over to the dark fae be executed but the dark king decided to keep her alive and tortured her for centuries.

Trick became cruel in enforcing the blood laws alienating the leaders of the light and dark fae who offered him a truce to give up his powers to a council of fae elders who be reborn using the origin seed without emotion and totally committed the blood laws. Trick agreed and was suppose to become the sixth member of the Una Mens but left with his seed in order to keep his individuality. Centuries later Trick helped and recruited Dyson to travel to the new world to start a new fae colony.

Season 1

Trick was a local fae elder and bartender at the dial rita. He used his influence to convince the Ash and the Morrigan to keep Bo alive until they learned more about her. Trick became a mentor to Bo offering her advise and information concerning fae related cases.

Trick became concern when Bo and Dyson began seeing each other and advised Dyson to end their relationship believing Bo won't react well when she learns he has known about her mother. Dyson after being attacked by Aife told Bo about her mother and let Trick give her back story about Aife. Trick admitted Aife was a member of his clan but didn't tell Bo he was Aife father.

As Aife began using her thralls as suicide bombers to wipe out the leadership of the light fae Kenzi convinced Trick to use his book of blood which he used to make Aife have a change of heart which lead to her sacrifice herself for her daughter.

Season 2

Trick became concern when light and dark fae began killing each other in random acts of violence and Nain Rouge appeared to Bo warning her of a great evil that could bring about the extinction of the Fae. Trick using an old ritual discovered his blood has caused the Garuda a powerful creature to awaken who wanted to restart the great fae war using Trick blood.

Bo suspected Trick was her father and confronted him but he denied her claim admitting he was her grandfather and the father of Aife. Trick was captured by the Garuda who tried to convince him to un-write the blood laws. The Garuda possessed Trick body and tried to un-write the law himself but Bo intervene attacking him with Lachlan venom and reviving Trick using her grandmother essence which had healing properties.

Season 3

Trick became a mentor to Hale as he became the acting Ash. He became concern when Bo began feeding off innocent people and realised she was going though the dawning. Trick recruited Stella a dawning expert to help Bo pass the dawning ceremony and began a relationship with Stella. Trick also realised the identity of Bo father when Bo brought Dyson back to life.

After removing Hale as the Ash, the Morrigan had Trick kidnapped but Hale rescued him as his last act as the leader of the light fae. Trick went into hiding with Stella until thing returned to normal.

Season 4

Trick returned home after his relationship with Stella didn't work out. He lost memories of Bo like his friends but began to regain some of his memory after coming into contact with a photo of Bo. He tracked down Aife but his memory returned along with his daughter causing her to attack him with a knife.

Trick survived the attack but refused to give Dyson details except Aife escaped and was wounded. Trick began to suspect he was connected to the Wanderer which lead him to Wai Len sister who forced him to remember Rainer a dark fae he defeated and wrote out of existence for defying the blood laws.

Trick was made the local light fae elder by the Una Mens who had no memory of him as the blood king. Trick became concern when the Una Men seed was stolen from him and asked Bo not to kill the Una Mens since their powers will fall into the hand of the person who stole the seed which was later discovered to be Massimo.

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