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Portrayed by Richard Howland

Trick the bartender of the Dal Rita. He the grandfather of Bo and father of Aife. He act as a mentor to Dyson and Bo providing them with information about other fae. His was the blood king who wrote the blood laws that govern the light and dark fae society. His blood has the ability to make anything he write come true but his powers comes with unintended consequences. Trick was killed by Hades.

Early life

His wife Isabua died during the great fae war causing Trick to write the blood laws forcing a peace between the light and dark fae. His daughter Aife lead a rebellion killing a dark fae elder which force Trick to hand her over to the dark fae for execution to maintain the peace. Trick became ruthless in enforcing the blood laws which lead to a rebellion. Trick was force to hand powers over to the Una Men a group of powerful elders without ambition sharing a collective mind dedicated to the blood laws. Trick was suppose to be the sixth member but he fled taking his Una Men seed. Centuries later he recruited Dyson to help founder a new fae colony.

Trick learn his daughter was alive and recruited the mid wife Lou Ann to rescue her. She was able to rescue his granddaughter Bo. Trick send Bo away to be raised by a human family to protect her from her father. Three decade later when Bo was caught by the fae Trick intervene convincing the Ash and the Morrigan to keep Bo alive until they learned more about her origin.

Trick became a meteor to Bo advising her on fae related cases. He became concern as Dyson and Bo slept together. Trick tried to protect Dyson when he was accused of murdering dark fae Baal causing a rivalry with the Ash. The rivalry continued despite Dyson been cleared of all charges. Trick warned the Ash of the danger Aife represented but he didn't take the threat seriously and tried to use the opportunity to punish Trick. Kenzi convinced Trick to use his blood to help Bo. His blood cause Aife to have a change of heart and sacrifice herself for her daughter.

Trick became concern when light and dark fae began killing each other in random acts of violence and Bo was visited by Nain Rouge who warned her a great evil that could bring about the extinction of the Fae. Trick using an old ritual to see the future learn about the Garuda a great evil that had awoken when Trick used his blood on Aife. The Garuda plan on restarting the great fae war using Trick blood.

Bo suspecting Trick was her father. He admitted he was her grandfather and the father of Aife. Trick was kidnapped by the Garuda minion. He was shown vision of his wife death caused by his war minister Alistor. The vision left Trick mind vulnerable allowing the Garuda to posses his body. Bo infected Trick body with Lachlan venom killing the Garuda and revive Trick using a vial of her grandmother essence which contain succubus healing property.

Trick became a mentor to Hale as he became the acting Ash. He worried about Bo when she began acting strangely and was suspected of murdering people. Trick realise she was going though the dawning a fae form of evolution and brought a dawning expert Stella to help Bo though the dawning ceremony.

Trick became romantically involved with Stella. The Morrigan had her minions kidnap Trick after the Morrigan convince the light fae elders to remove Hale as the acting Ash. He was rescued by Hale and left town with Stella.

Trick return to town after his relationship with Stella didn't work out. Along with the rest of the gang he lost his memory of Bo but began to remember her as he came into contact with a photo of Bo which lead him to his daughter Aife. Aife was happy to see him until her memory returned. She attacked him but he manage to subdue her sending her to a fae Asylum for treatment.

The Una Men had no memory of Trick been the blood king assign him the position of acting Ash. Trick began to suspect he was connected to the Wanderer and went to Wai Len sister for answers. She was able to get him to remember Rainer a dark fae he wrote out of existence for challenging his blood laws. After Bo freed Rainer Trick became concern Bo and Rainer would kill the Una Men because their powers would go into his Una Men seed which had been stolen, he was unaware they had already been killed.

Trick was visited by Oracles who appeared to him as his wife to extract his truth. Trick was surprised to learn Hades was Bo father. He told Bo about the ancient box that could contain the Nyx but also release Bo father into our world. Aife broke out of an Asylum and reunited with Hades. Trick was able to make peace with his daughter before Hades slit his and Aife throat. His last word to Bo was to remember she also his blood.

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