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Portrayed by Ksenia Solo

Kenzi a human street thief and Bo best friend. She started a detective agency with Bo investigate paranormal fae related crimes. She was romantically involved with Hale until he was killed by Massimo.

Kenzi grew up with an abusive step father. She ran away from home and began stealing on the street to survive. Bo saved Kenzi from being drug raped by sucking the chi out of a rapist. Kenzi return the favour by awakening Bo from a dream state during combat with an underfae.

Kenzi and Bo became best friends and began a detective agency investigating paranormal cases in-exchange for money. She was supportive of Bo relationship with Dyson but didn't like Lauren who suspected Kenzi wanted to be Bo only human friend. Overtime Kenzi became more accepting of Lauren.

Kenzi developed a friendship with Hale bonding over been their partner sidekicks. Kenzi held a music audition for Bo birthday and came across her childhood friend and crush Nate. The two began a relationship which was complicated by Kenzi keeping the fae world a secret Kenzi ended their relationship when Nate ask her to move with him. Kenzi decided to stay with Bo to help her fight the Garuda.

Kenzi help Dyson after the death of Ciara by taking his wounded body to safety and getting his ability to love Bo back by threatening the Norn fae with a chainsaw. A black substance fell into Kenzi arm that created a rash before she could tell anyone she was abducted by a Kitsune fae. The black substance was the Kitsune fae shape shifting powers which she use to impersonate Kenzi keeping the real Kenzi locked up in a cave. Bo discovered the truth and rescued Kenzi.

Dyson was kidnapped by the human which allowed the Morrigan to remove Hale as the acting Ash and declare all human terrorist. The Morrigan tried to torture Kenzi but she was protected by Hale Twig of Zamora. Bruce The Morrigan henchman help Kenzi escape and brought her to the druid Massimo who gave Kenzi temporary powers which allowed her to fool the Una Mens minions into believing she was fae.

Massimo charge for his services forcing Kenzi to steal from Trick. As Kenzi was unable to keep up payment Massimo sent his thugs after Kenzi. Massimo offer Bo and Kenzi to clear the debt by stealing a plant from Lauren apartment but the offer turnout to be a diversion so Massimo could steal Tasmin hair. Bo threw the hair into a lava pit. Massimo went after the hair and survive due to the Twig of Zamora. Angry he viscously beat Kenzi and stab Hale with a sword. Kenzi begged Bo to bring Hale back offering her own Chi but Bo refuse to sacrifice Kenzi.

Kenzi discovered a prophecy book containing reference to Hel portal been closed by Bo heart. Kenzi realizing the prophecy was referring to her walk though the portal closing down the gate to Hel. Kenzi ended up in Valhalla and was going to marry Hale. The wedding turned out to be a trap by Bo father since Kenzi closed his portal he claimed her soul. Bo offered to take her place allowing Kenzi to return to Earth.

After Bo return Kenzi decide to leave the fae world behind and went to a villa in Spain. Kenzi villa was invaded by a group of fae looking for painting able to banish Ancients causing Kenzi to return home and help Bo find the painting. Kenzi left but return to support Bo after the death of Trick and Aife. After Hades was defeated Kenzi left with Tasmin baby Daphne and looked after her until she matured.

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