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Portrayed by Ksenia Solo

Kenzi a street thief and best friend of Bo. Kenzi helped Bo investigate paranormal fae related crimes. She used to be involved with Hale until he was killed by Massimo.

Kenzi grew up with an abusive step father and her mother was always pulling cons. Kenzi run away at an early age and grew up on the streets stealing wallets. Kenzi met Bo when a rapist tried to take advantage of her using a spike drink. Bo intervene killing the rapist and taking Kenzi home.

Kenzi after learning about Bo wanted to stay with her for protection, when Bo was kidnapped Kenzi track her down and came to her aid. The two became best friend starting a private investigation service investigating paranormal cases often related to the fae.

Kenzi supported Bo relationship with Dyson and distrustful of Lauren not liking the human doctor, Lauren suspected Kenzi didn't like her because she wanted to be Bo only human friend. Kenzi also developed a friendship with Dyson partner Hale.

Kenzi arranges music audition for Bo birthday and come across her childhood friend and crush Nate. They starting dating but their relationship was challenge by Kenzi keeping a fae world a secret from Nate. As Nate ask Kenzi to move in with him she ended their relationship so she could stay and help Bo during her fight with the Garuda.

Dyson fell into depression after the death of Ciara, Kenzi wanting Dyson help in the fight against the Garuda took a chainsaw to the Norn fae threatening to cut down her tree unless she return Dyson ability to love Bo. During the encounter a black substance fell into Kenzi arm which contain the shape shifting powers of a Kitsune fae.

The Kitsune kidnapped Kenzi took back her power, she forced Kenzi to live in a cave while she took over her life using Kenzi form. Kenzi managed to trick the Kitsune into revealing she was an imposter to Bo. Bo and Tasmin rescued Kenzi from the cave.

After Taft men had kidnapped Dyson the Morrigan convinced the light and dark fae elders to declare all human aware of their existence terrorist, Kenzi manage to survive the Morrigan using Hale family Twig of Zamora. She was forced to ask the druid Masimo for help who temporary turns her fae with powers that allows her to fool the Una Men minions into believing she was fae. The powers were temporary forcing Kenzi to steal to keep up payment for her powers.

Kenzi lose memories of Bo along with the rest of the gang. Aife mother knows she has a daughter and ask Kenzi to find her which leads the gang to discover their memory has been altered. Kenzi goes to a dark fae ball to steal a fae compass that restores her and the gang memory.

Kenzi look after a child Valerie Tasmin, as she rapidly grows older Massimo tries to take a piece of her hair. Bo threw the hair into lava pit but Massimo still went after the hair using the Twig of Zamora to survive. He return looking for revenge, he attacked Kenzi and killed her fiancée Hale. Kenzi beg Bo to take her chi to bring Hale back from the dead, Bo refuse since the process would have killed Kenzi.

Kenzi finds a book of prophecy containing reference to the Hel portal been closed by Bo heart, Kenzi realizing the prophecy was about her Kenzi walk though the portal shutting the gate to Hel.

Kenzi soul is taken to Valhalla where she live in a fancy hotel and is about to marry Hale. The wedding turns out to be a trap from Bo father, since Kenzi close his portal her soul belong to him. Bo make a deal her soul in-exchange for Kenzi freedom. Kenzi is sent back to Earth while Bo is send to Tartarus. After Bo return Kenzi decide to take some time away from the fae and visit a Villa Hale left her in his Will.   

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