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Portrayed by Ksenia Solo

Kenzi is the best friend and house-mate of succubus Bo. She is a talented thief and scam artist. She worked as a private investigator along with Bo investigating Fae related crimes. In order for Kenzi to operate in the Fae world she has been claimed as Bo property although Bo considers her a friend and doesn't think of her as property. Hale has feelings for Kenzi.


Kenzi ran away from home because of an abusive step father. She lived on the street working as a thief and scam artist to survive. She has an aunt who works as a scam artist and a cousin with fancy computer skills.

Season 1

Kenzi was stealing wallet when she was offered a free drink from a rapist (not realising the drink was drugged). Bo came to Kenzi rescue by sucking the life out of the creepy rapist. Kenzi began to bond with Bo as she learned her new friend life story.

Kenzi came to Bo aid when she was kidnapped by the light Fae and was stuck in a dream state while fighting an under Fae. Kenzi screamed for Bo to wake up snapping her out of a dream state and allowing her to win the fight. Kenzi became Bo best friend and house mate. They started a private detective agency investigating Fae related crime in exchange for money.

Kenzi was supportive of a relationship between Dyson and Bo. She didn't trust the human light Fae doctor Lauren. She admitted to Dyson she didn't like doctors but Lauren suspected Kenzi didn't like her because she wanted to be Bo only human friend.

Kenzi began to develop a friendship Dyson police partner Hale bonding over been the sidekicks of their partners and their partners on and off again relationship.

Season 2

Kenzi found herself reunited with her childhood friend and neighbour Nate while she was holding band audition for Bo birthday party. Nate and Kenzi began a relationship which was complicated with Kenzi trying to keep the Fae world a secret from Nate.

Kenzi found herself trying to protect Nate when the Morrigan offered to sign him up as a client. Concern about her boyfriend safety Kenzi accepted the Morrigan offer of doing her a future favour in-exchange for not signing Nate as a client. Kenzi and Nate discussed moving in together but with the fight with Garuda approaching Kenzi ended their relationship so she could be at Bo side to help her in the upcoming fight with the Garuda.

Kenzi helped Dyson get his love back from the Norn Fae by threatening to cut off the Norn tree with with a chainsaw but was infected with a black substance during the encounter. Kenzi was injured during the fight with the Garuda minions but Hale was able to save her life but closing her wound using his siren powers.

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