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Portrayed by Ksenia Solo

Kenzi is the best friend and house-mate of Bo. She ran a detective agency with Bo investigator paranormal fae related crimes. Kenzi was involved with Hale until he was killed by her enemy Massimo.

Not much is know about Kenzi early life but she had an abusive step father that caused her to run away from home and live on the street. She became best friend with Bo after she rescued Kenzi from being drugged raped.

Kenzi began to live and work with Bo investigating Fae related crime in exchange for money. She was also supportive of Bo relationship with Dyson but was distrustful of Lauren. She also began to bond with Dyson partner Hale been the sidekick of their partner.

Kenzi began a relationship with her childhood friend and neighbour Nate but was forced to keep him in the dark about the fae world causing stain on their relationship. Nate asked Kenzi to move in with him but Kenzi decided to end their relationship so she could be at Bo side during the fight against the Garuda.

Dyson fell into depression after the death of Ciara leading Kenzi to help Dyson get his love back from the Norn Fae by threatening her with a chainsaw. At the Norn fae home a black substance fell into Kenzi arm which was the power of a shape shifting fae who kidnapped Kenzi and took over her life. Kenzi managed to get clues to Bo which allowed her to be rescued by her best friend.

Kenzi decided to get power when the fae declared humans under their control to be terrorist. She went to the druid Masimo who gave her fancy powers that allowed her to fool the Una Mens minions but the powers were temporary forcing Kenzi to steal to keep up payment for her temporary powers.

Masimo tried to steal Tasmin hair as an ingredient for a portion. When Bo threw the hair into a cauldron of lava he went after the hair surviving the lava due to the Twig of Zamora he received from Kenzi. He came looking for revenge, he attacked Kenzi and killed her fiancée Hale.

Kenzi was heartbroken and held some resentment towards Bo because she refused to bring Hale back from death by taking all of Kenzi chi which would of killed Kenzi. Kenzi discovered a book of prophecy where she learned her destiny was to close the portal to Hel, she walked into the portal sacrificing herself so Bo father wouldn't be able to enter out world.

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