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Portrayed by Anna Silk

Bo is a Fae succubus raised by humans who prefers to live by her own rules rather than follow the light and dark fae which make up the majority of her people. Bo is the daughter of succubus Aife and her father is the mysterious Pyripuss. She also the granddaughter of the blood king Trick.

Bo is the best friend and room mate of Kenzi. She has an on and off relationship with the light fae wolf shifter Dyson and the human doctor Lauren. Bo has the ability to feed off the chi of humans and fae, she also has the ability to charm people by touching them. Bo has also shown an alter-ego personality which could bring people back from the dead which is connected to her father.

Early Life

Bo was abducted by her mother Aife from her father the Pyripuss when she was a baby. Bo was sent to live with a human family by the mid wife Lou Ann. She grew up unaware of her true nature until she turned eighteen and accidentally killed her first boyfriend Kyle during sex. She confronted her parents who revel she was adopted. Angry Bo left home spending the next ten years killing people in order to stay alive.

Season 1

Bo life changed when she rescued a young street thief Kenzi from being drugged raped. She was captured by the light fae and began to learn about her people the Fae. The fae wanted Bo to choose a side the light or dark fae so she wouldn't expose the Fae but Bo refuse wanting to live life on her own term. The leaders of the light and dark fae agreed to let her remain unaligned because they wanted to learn about her origin.

Kenzi convinced Bo to begin a detective agency investigating paranormal cases in exchange for money. Bo began to develop a relationship with the light police detective Dyson, she was hopeful of having a meaningful relationship but Dyson refused offering only to sleep with her when she needed to heal. Bo began to take an interest in the human doctor Lauren who was helping her control her feeding so she won't have to kill humans to survive. They slept together but Bo ended her relationship when she learned Lauren was ordered to sleep with her by the Ash to keep her distracted from a case.

During another of Bo case she became friend with a succubus Saskia unaware she was her mother Aife. Her mother didn't approve of Bo having a relationship with Dyson and attacked him with plans to turn him into her thrall. Bo came to his aid and he was forced to admit Saskia was her mother Aife.

Bo tried to bond with her mother but turned against her when she learned her plans to use thralls as suicide bombers to start a war between the light and dark fae. During a fight between Bo and her mother, Aife had a change of heart as Trick wrote in his book of blood causing Aife to sacrifice herself for her daughter by falling of the stairways. Her body disappeared leaving Bo hopeful her mother was still alive.

Season 2

Bo was angry when she learned Dyson was unable to love her because he sacrifice his his ability to love her part of a deal he made with the Norn fae to help Bo during her fight with her mother. Bo began a relationship with Lauren as came to Bo seeking sanctuary from the new Ash who kept her locked up when she wasn't working for him.

Bo tried to find a way to free Lauren from the light fae and learned the reason Lauren was bound to the light fae was because of her coma girlfriend Nadia. Bo manage to awaken Nadia by breaking her curse but Lachlan manage to take the credit and convinced Lauren to recommit herself to the light fae.

Bo began to be visited by Nain Rouge a fae spirit who warned her of a great evil that had awaken and was coming for her. Bo suspected Lachlan to be the evil broke into the Ash compound and got into a fight with Lachlan. She learned he wasn't the great evil but one of the good guys testing her to be his champion to fight the great evil Garuda.

Bo while having a casual relationship with Ryan learned her blood had the ability to thrall people. As Trick managed to un-thrall Ryan Bo began to suspect Trick was her father, Trick denied her claims admitting he was her grandfather and the father of Aife.

The Garuda arrived in town and possessed Nadia forcing Bo to kill her. He also managed to kill Lachlan and had Trick kidnapped. Bo lead a team of her people against the Garuda, she managed to kill him while he was possessing Trick body with Lachlan venom.

Season 3

Bo began a monogamous relationship with Lauren which lead to complication as Lauren was unable to provide Bo with enough chi to sustain her, Lauren came to accept she had to share Bo with other people so Bo could survive and heal.

Bo began to feed and kill innocent people, her friends suspected she was becoming evil but Trick realise she was going though the dawning a fae form of evolution. Bo had to take part in a ritual and ceremony to pass the dawning or de-evolve into an underfae, forcing her to spend time away from Lauren which ended their relationship. Bo manage to pass the dawning with the help of Dyson who died during the ceremony, Bo brought him back from the dead using her new powers.

Bo discovered Dyson partner Valkyrie Tasmin was hired to abduct her by mysterious Wanderer, Bo at the Dial Rita found herself abducted by the Wanderer.

Season 4

Bo woke up in a train with no memory of her arrival. She managed to escape and reunite with her friends but learned she had signed a contact with a dark fae named Rainer. Bo not been happy with been aligned with the dark fae manage to return to the train and regain her memory. During her time in train she fell in love with Rainer and joined the dark fae as way of returning to Rainer to free him from his curse.

Bo discovered a second curse was place on Rainer if he was every free that would kill him within seven days. Bo being the granddaughter of the blood king who created the curse cured Rainer by bonding with him using a ceremony. The ceremony cured Rainer but turned out to be part of Bo father the Pyripuss plan who been manipulating events to be released from his prison in Hel.

As Bo father forces arrive thought the portal making they way for the Pyripuss, Kenzi sacrifice herself to close the portal leaving a heartbroken Bo.

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