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Portrayed by Anna Silk

Bo a fae succubus raised by humans. She the daughter of succubus Aife and the ancient Greek god Hades. She also the granddaughter of the blood king and bartender Trick.

Bo best friend with Kenzi. In the past Bo had on and off relationship with wolf shifter Dyson and human doctor Lauren but eventually decided to be in a committed relationship with Lauren. Bo feed off chi which causes her to rapidly heals from injuries and allows her to temporary increase her strength.

Early Life

Bo was born in Tartarus to Aife and Hades. Trick learning his daughter had given birth had the mid wife Lou Ann smuggle Bo out of Tartarus. He sent Bo to live with a human family to protect her from her father. Bo grew without the knowledge of her fae heritage and was unprepared when her powers activated causing the death of her first boyfriend Kyle. Learning she was adopted Bo spent the next ten years on the run killing to survive.

Season 1

Bo life changed when she rescued a young street thief Kenzi from being drug raped which drew the attention of her people the fae. Bo was kidnapped and asked to choose between the light and dark fae. She refused to choose a side. Thee local leaders of the fae Ash and the Morrigan allowed her to go free because they were curious about her origin.

Kenzi and Bo began a detective agency investigating paranormal cases. Bo develop a close relationship with Dyson and was hoping to have a more meaningful relationship but Dyson refuse offering to sleep with her when she needed to heal. Bo work closely with Lauren who taught her how to feed off human without killing. Bo and Lauren slept together. Bo felt betrayed when she realise Lauren slept with because she ordered to keep her distracted from a case.

Bo develop a friendship with a fellow succubus Saskia unaware she was her mother Aife. Aife attacked Dyson forcing him and Trick to tell Bo the truth about her mother. Bo tried to bond with her mother until she learned Aife plan to start a war between the light and dark fae using her thralls as suicide bombers. Bo fought her mother but Aife had a change of heart as Trick wrote in his book of blood. Aife sacrifice herself for her daughter falling down the staircase but her body disappeared leaving Bo hopeful her mother was still alive.

Season 2

Bo was heartbroken when she learn Dyson was unable to love her as part of deal with the Norn fae during the fight with her mother. A new Ash Lochlyn was crowned who didn't like Bo and treated Lauren horribly keeping her locked up when she wasn't working for him. Lauren fled to Bo. Bo discovering Lauren had joined the dark fae to save her girlfriend Nadia who was in a coma. Bo worked with Lochlyn to awaken Nadia but Lochlyn managed to take the credit causing Lauren to recommit herself to the light fae.

Bo began to be visited by fae Nain Rouge who warned her a great evil that had awaken and was coming for her. Bo suspecting Lachlan broke into his compound and discovered he was one of the good guys who been testing her to be his champion against the great evil Garuda. When Bo blood caused her latest fling Ryan to become her thrall Trick was able to unthrall Ryan causing Bo to suspect Trick was her father. Trick admitted he was Bo grandfather and Aife father.

The Garuda possessed Nadia body forcing Bo to kill Nadia to protect Lauren. The Garuda killed Lachlan and had Trick kidnapped so he could take over his body and rewrite the blood law. Lauren was able to synthesise Lachlan venom allowing Bo to killed the Garuda while he possessed Trick body. She was able to bring Trick back using her grandmother essence which contain succubus healing properties.

Season 3

Bo and Lauren began a monogamous relationship. The relationship was difficult for Bo as Lauren was unable to provide her with enough chi to sustain her or heal her from a an injury. Lauren accepted she will have to share Bo with other people but demanded she no longer have sex with Dyson. As Bo hunger grew Trick realise she was going though the dawning a fae form of evolution where she has to pass a trial or become an underfae.

Bo with the help of a dawning expert Stella prepared for the dawning. She visited her adopted mother and was able to put her past behind her. Bo allowed Dyson to accompanier her to the temple unaware when two people enter the temple only one of them could leave. Dyson died in the temple causing any angry Bo to temporary turned into her alter ego personality that brought Dyson back to life.

Dyson was kidnapped by a group of human experimenting on the fae. Bo lead a rescue mission using Tasmin doubting powers to knock unconscious the human guards. Tasmin turned on Bo with plans on taking her to her boss. They fought with Bo getting the upper hand but she was unwilling to kill Tasmin and convinced her to switch sides. Bo returns to the dal where she was abducted by Tasmin employer.

Season 4

Bo woke up on the death train with amnesia. She was able to escape and reunite with the gang but was unable recall her time on the train. She learn from the Una Men she had joined the dark fae. Bo became obsessed with returning to the death train. She discovered a jar of black smoke address to her containing a Crow that helped her return to the death train.

Bo after meeting Wanderer/Rainer regain her memory of falling in love with him. She joined the dark fae as part of a plan to return to the death train to break his curse. Una Men plan on killing Bo for freeing Rainer from his curse but Bo using Rainer foresight was able to defeat them. Bo learned a second curse was placed on Rainer which would kill him within several days unless she performed a hand ceremony. The ceremony turned out to be a trap by Bo father which open a portal to Hel. Kenzi sacrifice herself to close the portal.

Season 5

Bo used the Hel shoes to enter Valhalla to rescue Kenzi who was going to marry Hale. The wedding turn out to be a trap by Bo father who claimed Kenzi soul since she closed his portal. Bo offered to take Kenzi place and was sent to Tartarus. In Tartarus Bo met her stepmother Persephone and learned about her father Hades. Bo was able to escape Tartarus by stealing the Artemis candle. She lit the candle unaware it would release Zee, Heratio and Iris from limbo.

Hades send Bo a box that could release him from Tartarus. Zee had three Oracle kidnapped and use them to locate the box. She tried to convince Bo her father was evil and showed her a vision of the world been turned into nothingness. Bo realise Iris had the Nyx inside which was responsible for everything been turned into nothingness and the only way to stop her was releasing her father. Bo released Hades from Tartarus and together they were able to stop Iris and send the Nyx back to Tartarus.

Bo unable to trust her father kept him locked up at Lauren clinic. Hades escape and reunited with Aife and together they tried to convince Bo to turn against Trick. Aife believed she and Bo had come up with a plan to send Hades back to Tartarus. Bo believed she was crazy until she saw footage of Hades in Bo form visiting Aife. She also learned he had impersonated her to sleep with Tasmin getting her pregnant. Bo attacked Hades but her attack had no effect he retaliated by killing Trick and Aife.

Bo learning she was the Pyrippus went to her father pretending to be on his side but Hades wasn't fooled. He taunted her about her friends until the Pyrippus personality took over and suck the chi off everyone in the city. Bo friends survived due to the horse shoe left by Zee. Bo went after her friends but their chi caused her to remember loving her friends and allowed her to overcome her father influence. She used the chi she had absorbed from the city to vanquish her father. Bo send her new born sister Daphne to live in safety with Kenzi until she matured. Daphne was brought to the dal when Bo suspected Hades was planning on coming after Daphne.

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