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Portrayed by Anna Silk

Bo is a fae succubus who grew up unaware of her fae nature. She is the daughter of succubus Aife and the ancient Hades, from her mother side of the family she the granddaughter of the blood king and bartender Trick. Bo was raised by humans and spent ten years on the run before she learned about the Fae. Bo is best friend with human street thief Kenzi. She has an on and off relationship with the light fae wolf shifter Dyson and the human doctor Lauren.

Bo has the ability to feed from human and fae which also gives her additional strength and allows her to heal rapidly. She also has the ability to charm people by touch and her blood has the ability to thrall people. Bo has an alter-ego personality that could bring people back from the dead which is connected to her father Hades.

Early Life

Bo was born in Tartarus where her mother was a prisoner of Hades. Aife abducted Bo and helped her escape Tartarus with the mid wife Lou Ann who left Bo to be raised by a human family. Bo grew up without any knowledge of her heritage believing herself to be a normal girl until she turned eighteen and accidentally killed her first boyfriend Kyle. After learning about her adoption Bo ran away from home and spent the next ten years killing in order to survive.

Season 1

Bo life changed when she rescued a young street thief Kenzi from being drugged raped. She stays in town bonding with Kenzi which lead her to been captured by Dyson and learning about her people the fae. Bo was asked to choose a side light or dark but Bo refused wanting to live by her rules. The leaders of the fae Morrigan and Ash allowed her to go free wanting to learn more about her origin.

Kenzi and Bo began a detective agency investigating paranormal cases often related to the fae. Bo often used Dyson help and resources which lead them to sleep together, Bo was hopeful of having a more meaningful relationship but Dyson refused offering only to sleep with her when she needed to heal.

Lauren the human light fae doctor began teaching Bo how to control her feeding so Bo would be able to feed from human without killing people. Bo and Lauren sleep together but their relationship came to a halt when Bo discovered Lauren slept with her because the Ash ordered Lauren to keep her distracted from a case

Bo developed a friendship with a fellow succubus Saskia unaware she her mother Aife. Her mother didn't approve of Bo relationship with Dyson and attacked Dyson who was forced to reveal Aife was Bo mother. Bo tried to bond with her mother until she learned about her plan to overthrow the light and dark by using her thralls as suicide bombers to start a war. Bo fought against her mother who had a change of heart due to Trick writing in his book of blood. She sacrifice herself for Bo falling of the staircase but her body disappeared leaving Bo hopeful her mother was still alive

Season 2

Bo is angry to learn Dyson is unable to love her again as part of a deal he made with the Norn fae that allowed Bo to use his strength during the fight with her mother. Bo tries to protect Lauren as she abused by the new Ash Lachlan who orders her to be locked up in her apartment when she not working for him.

Bo learned about Lauren joined the light fae to save her coma girlfriend Nadia. Bo with information from Lachlan manage to wake up Nadia but Lachlan manage to take the credit leading to Lauren recommitting herself to the light fae.

Bo began to be visited by fae Nain Rouge who warned her a great evil had awaken and was coming for her. Bo suspecting Lachlan to be the great evil broke into his compound looking for evidence. She learned he was a Naga the enemy of the great evil Garuda and he has been testing her to be his champion against the Garuda.

Bo blood cause her latest fling to be come thrall, Trick manage to unthrall Ryan which lead Bo to become suspicious Trick is her father when she confronted him he admitted he her grandfather and the father of Aife. The Garuda possessed Nadia body forcing Bo to kill Nadia. The Garuda killed Lachlan and kidnapp Trick. Bo rescue Trick by killing the Gaurua using Lachlan venom.

Season 3

Bo and Lauren begin a monogamous relationship which is complicated as Lauren is unable to provide Bo with enough chi to sustain her, Lauren accept she has to share Bo with other people so Bo could survive and heal.

Bo begin to act strangely and is suspected of killing innocent people. Trick realise she going through the dawning a fae form of evolution where she has to pass a trial or she will become an underfae. Bo is aided by a dawning expert Stella who task Bo with returning home and confronting her adoptive mother suffering from altermia.

Preparing for the dawning also take a toll on Bo relationship with Lauren as she misses a an important date leading to Lauren ending their relationship. Dyson accompanies Bo during the ceremony which allows Bo to pass the ceremony at the price of Dyson life. Bo is taken over by an alter ego personality that bring Dyson back to life.

Bo discover Tasmin was hired by some mysterious person to capture her, she throws a mysterious portion on Bo it doesn't have any effect until Bo at the dial rita is abducted by the Wanderer into a pile of smoke.

Season 4

Bo wakes up in train with her memory hazy, she jump off the train and reunite with her friends but begin to lose memory of her time on the train. She surprised to discover she had joined the dark fae and discover clues she has left behind including a glass jar with black smoke. Opeining the Jar Bo discover a crow who takes her back on the train where she regain her memory of falling in love with Wander/Rainer she joined the dark fae so she would be able to return to Rainer and free him from his curse.

Bo discover a second curse was placed on Rainer which will kill him within several days the only way to save him is a ceremony that will free Bo father from Hel. Bo goes though with the ceremony opening a portal to Hel where undead begin to arrive Kenzi sacrifice herself to close the portal leaving a heartbroken Bo.

Season 5

Bo finds the second hel shoes that allows her to enter Valhalla and reunite with Kenzi. Kenzi plan to marry Hale but the wedding turns out to be a trap since Kenzi sacrifice herself at Bo father portal her soul is claimed by him. Bo offer to take Kenzi place and is sent to Tartarus where she learn her father is Hades.

Bo steal a candle from her father that lead her back to her world, she light the candle which bring Zeus, Hera and Iris to take over the bodies of three humans. Zee invite Bo to a party where she tries to convince Bo to work with her to stop her father from ending the world by showing her a vision of the future where everything is been destroyed into nothingness.

Bo agrees until the gang discover Iris is more powerful than Zee and is alone with Mark. Bo find Iris and touches her hand turning it black making Bo realise Iris not her father is responsible for ending the world in her vision. Bo stop Zee from taking a jack in the box sent to her by her father which could stop Iris but Zee warns her once the box is open Hades will be able to walk the earth. Bo despite Zee warning opens the box.  

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