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Portrayed by Anna Silk

Bo is a Fae succubus with the ability to feed of chi (life force) of human and Fae. She is unaligned with either the light or dark Fae in contrast to most of her people which allows her to interact with both members of Fae society.

Bo is the best friend and house mate of Kenzi. She also has an on and off relationship with the light Fae wolf shifter Dyson and the human light Fae doctor Lauren. Bo is the daughter of her succubus Alfie and the Wanderer. She is also the grand daughter of the blood king and bartender Trick.

Bo feeds on Chi of human and Fae which gives her additional strength and allows her to heal rapidly. She also ability to charm and seduce people by touching them. Bo has also shown an alternative personality that wants to take over the world and has the ability to feed of multiple people simultaneously.

Early History

Bo real name is Isabeau she was named after her grandmother. She is the daughter of the succubus Alfie and the mysterious Wanderer. Bo was abducted by her mother when she was a baby and give to a dark Fae mid wife Lou Ann who delivered to a human family.

Bo (renamed by her adoptive parents Beth Dennis) grew up in a conservative religious family.

She was unaware of her Fae nature until she turned eighteen and had sex with her first boyfriend Kyle triggering her power which lead to the death of Kyle. Bo after learning about her adoption spent the next ten years on the run killing people in order to survive.

Season 1

Bo life changed when she rescued a young street thief Kenzi from being drugged raped. She was captured by wolf shifter Dyson who brought her before the Ash where she learned about her people the Fae. The local leaders of the Fae Ash and Morrigan didn't like the idea of an unaligned Fae running wild so they forced Bo to fight two under Fae as part of a ritual that would allow her to choose one of the Fae sides but after passing the test Bo refused to pick a side preferring to remain neutral and live by her own rules.

The Ash and the Morrigan wanted to learn more about Bo so they set her free. Bo began a detective agency with her best friend and house mate Kenzi investigating paranormal cases which often involved the Fae. She also used the detective agency to help people and make some additional money. So also used the agency to help Dyson and take on case where she could learn information about her parents.

Bo began to use Dyson and his resources and they ended up sleeping together. Bo began to hope for a more committed relationship but Dyson only offered to sleep with Bo when she needed to heal.

Bo also began working with light Fae doctor Lauren who began to teach her how to control her feeding abilities so she wouldn't have to kill when she feed off human. They began a relationship which ended when Bo learned Lauren was sleeping with her under orders of the Ash who was trying to keep her away from a dark Fae named Vex.

Bo also began a friendship with a dark Fae succubus Sasika unaware she was her biological mother Alfie. Alfie didn't like Bo having a monogamous relationship with Dyson and attack him hoping to turn him into one of her thrall but Bo caught her in the act and saved Dyson. Dyson told Bo the truth about Sasika been her mother Alife.

Bo tried to bond with her mother until she learned about her mother plan of using her thrall as suicide bomber against the light Fae to start a war between the light and the dark. Bo tried to stop her mother who ended up falling down the stairways but her body disappeared leaving Bo with hope her mother was still alive.

Season 2

Bo relationship with Dyson ended when she learned he was unable to love her because of a deal he made with the Norn that allowed her to use his wolf strength during the fight with her mother. Bo became jealous when Dyson began a relationship with Ciara but eventually began to accept Dyson was unable to love again and developed a friendship with Ciara. Bo during one of her cases was captured by an Egyptian Fae who tried to get her to kill Lauren which lead Bo alternative personality to emerge sucking up multiple chi of her enemies.

After Alfie bombing a new Ash Lachlan was crowned who took possessing of Lauren since she was considered the property of the Ash by the Fae. Lachlan kept her locked up which lead Lauren to flee to Bo who offered her sanctuary and tried to find a way to free Lauren from her servitude to the Ash. Bo discovered Lauren had a girlfriend Nadia who was in coma and the deal she made serving the Ash in exchange for the Ash medical resources to find a cure for Nadia.

Bo and Lachlan worked together to free Nadia from the curse but Lachlan managed to take the credit himself and got Lauren to recommit to the light Fae. Bo began to be visited by Nain Rouge a Fae known for warning people of coming disaster. She warned Bo of a great evil that would bring the extinction of the Fae. Bo began to suspect Lachlan was the great evil but discovered he was one of the good guy testing her because he needed her help in fighting the great evil Garuda.

Bo began to develop a relationship with the dark Fae Ryan who ended up infected with Bo blood making him her thrall. The event lead Bo to suspect Trick was her father since he knew about her blood and how to undo the thralling. When she confronted him he admitted he was Alfie father and her grand-father.

Bo was forced to kill Nadia when her body was been possessed by the Garuda. The Gurauda managed to kill his rival and the leader of the light Fae Lachlan but Lauren manage to capture enough of Lachlan venom which allowed Bo to kill the Garuda when he possessed Trick body.

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