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Lost Girl is supernatural series about a young succubus Bo raised by humans. She discovers she part of a secret society of hidden mythological fairy creatures.

Bo tries to navigate the fae world while trying to find answers to why she was abandon at birth by her parents. Bo is aided in her quest by a human thief and best friend Kenzi. Bo also develop an interest in a light fae police detective Dyson and a human light fae doctor Lauren.

Anna Silk as Bo

Aron Tager as Mayer

Cle Bennett as Ash

Emmanuelle Vaugier as Morrgian

Hayley Nault as Nain Rouge

Inga Cadranel as Aife

KC Collins as Hale

Kris Holden Reid as Dyson

Ksenia Solo as Kenzi

Paul Amos as Vex

Richard Howland as Trick

Zoie Palmer as Lauren